Hersenwerk for dogsAdolescence is a time when the dog owner’s patience is most frequently tested. Adolescent dogs seem to forget everything they have learned in trainings about listening, sitting still and concentrating. Suddenly, all progress seems to have disappeared. Lots of dog owners become hopeless with their adolescent dog.

But there’s good news: it’s just a phase and it will pass!

Hersenwerk can offer great benefits during the adolescent phase. This method can be put to excellent use to create restful moments that allow you to really connect again with your dog.


Benefits of Hersenwerk for Adolescent Dogs

An adolescent dog is very busy. There is so much to do, so much to see. Their little heads are trying their hardest to understand each and every thing happening around them – no easy task when their bodies are changing too!

A daily Hersenwerk session, before or after a walk, or at other regular intervals, can provide a great deal of rest. The fixed ritual of a Hersenwerk session, combined with a comfortable environment and calming guidance, offer your dog the opportunity to just relax for a while.

Developing concentration
Rummaging about is something adolescent dogs love to do. Luckily, that’s exactly what they do in a Hersenwerk session. By allowing them to search and sniffle about for a tasty snack, your dog can release some of their built-up stress. They can make room in their heads to really concentrate, free from constant distractions. In the beginning, your dog will only concentrate for short periods at a time, but practice makes perfect!

Tip: Use sturdy materials that do not make noises or can be shoved around. The more stable an object is, the more rest your dog can gain from a Hersenwerk session.

Relaxation during Hersenwerk and a deep rest afterwards
Rummaging and discovering in a concentrated manner are intensive activities for adolescent dogs. Even just a few minutes of focused Hersenwerk could be enough for them to reduce some stress. This combination of exertion and relaxation means that your dog should be able to experience deep relaxation after a Hersenwerk session.

Important: Keep the sessions short and keep a close eye on your dog and how they react. As soon as you notice they are getting more active or leave snacks behind, that’s your cue to stop. Scatter some food next to the Hersenwerk object or puzzle and clean up while they are busy enjoying their snack.

Benefits of Hersenwerk for Owners of an Adolescent Dog

  • A controlled way to release that endless adolescent energy
  • Insights into the personality of your dog
  • Insights into the physical and mental development of your dog
  • The opportunity to spend some relaxed quality time with your adolescent dog

Do you  recognize those moments that your adolescent dog seems set on scratching their way up the walls? When it seems like all your time is taken up forbidding, preventing, complaining or running around rescuing furniture? You are not alone! The relationship between dog owner and adolescent dog can be pretty stressful:the adolescent woes don’t really match the image of how we want our dogs to behave. Once you are aware of the reason your dog is acting up and you know that they will grow out it, give yourself and your dog some much-needed regular breaks by doingHersenwerk together! Hersenwerk will give the both of you an opportunity to catch your breath and enjoy each other’s company, without any strict rules, complaining or fuss. 

Do you want to offer personalised Hersenwerk to your eager adolescent dog?

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