The nine Hersenwerk Types

Every dog is unique and will do Hersenwerk in his own way. But there are similarities and these can be divided into the nine Hersenwerk Types. Do you recognise your dog?

The Quirky Quizzer The Grabby Glutton 
The Quirky Quizzer

“No, I won’t do that, that’s stupid!”

The Precise Puzzler 

“Just give it to me and I’ll get it out.”

The Grabby Glutton 

“The way to a dog’s heart is through his stomach.”

The Strategic Chesser  The Clumsy Crasher The Clever Companion
The Strategic Chesser 

“You don’t see it until you get it.”

The Clumsy Crasher

“Oh sorry…didn’t know you were fond of it…”

The Clever Companion

“Boss! Over here! This is where you need to be!”

The Cautious Canine The Excited Explorer  The Cheery Chum
The Cautious Canine 

“You can tell me that now, but I’m going to check it out first…”

The Excited Explorer 

“Where’s the party? Here’s the party!”

The Cheery Chum

“I don’t know if I can. I’ll have to ask first.”

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