Our Hersenwerk for Dogs Mentors are ready to offer well-prepared lessons for you and your dog.

Hersenwerk InSight, 5-week Online Course
Do you want to become a Hersenwerk Top Team with your dog? Then the 5-week online course Hersenwerk InSight is the course for you! You will work on exercises related to materials, communication with your dog and personalized mentoring. This course will train your observational skills, allowing you to look differently at your own dog, yourself and how you guide your dog, but also at classmates and their dogs. Taken together, this course will leave you with incredible InSight, which is exactly the foundation you need to become a Hersenwerk Top Team!

Online Private Lessons
During online private lessons you can learn at your own pace how to engage in Hersenwerk with your dog. You will discover what your dog likes, gain insights into the way they like to solve puzzles and learn more about their  personality. You will also learn about the various materials and objects you can use in Hersenwerk and how to create puzzles that work best for your dog. Hersenwerk is cooperation, your private lessons will be a real celebration of the bond between you and your dog!