~”Each dog deserves Hersenwerk!” ~

Our Mission
Our mission is to show every dog the wonderful experience of solving puzzles under skilled guidance and to teach every dog owner how to provide customized  games to their dogs, from puppies to seniors! Each dog deserves Hersenwerk!

Our Vision
Besides physical exercise, dogs need a mental challenge too. Boredom quickly leads to stress which, in turn, could lead to problematic or undesirable behaviour and even physical ailments – unnecessary and avoidable troubles. With a little bit of creativity, all sorts of objects and materials can be turned into Hersenwerk puzzles that bring out your dog’s problem-solving skills. A small effort for a huge effect! Once you’ve been bitten by the Hersenwerk bug you won’t be able to stop. Endless variations of brain breakers and easy-to-get puzzles will keep your dog doing Hersenwerk throughout all its life.

Hersenwerk is a whole lot of fun, but check out the benefits of Hersenwerk to discover what else this method can do for dogs. The versatility of Hersenwerk means it can be put to use in many different ways throughout your dog’s  life. Just as every dog is unique,  their preference for puzzles and how to be guided through them is also unique.   Customizing Hersenwerk to your dog is therefore very important, both in the type of puzzle you offer and the guidance you give. 

Hersenwerk for Dogs offers courses for everyone who works with dogs or for dogs and their owners. Our trained mentors also offer private lessons, workshops and courses. Hersenwerk Mentors are trained in the right skills and knowledge to offer expert support and  personalized Hersenwerk exercises. In this way, we are constantly coming closer to realizing our goal of reaching as many dogs and dog owners as possible. Each dog deserves Hersenwerk!