Rehabilitation happens when a dog needs to recover, for a short or long period, from an operation or a serious injury.

During rehabilitation, the dog must be allowed to rest and will receive guidelines for how and how much it should move around. Oftentimes, you will be told that your dog needs to be kept well-rested and your dog might be prescribed to be kept on a leash or remain in their dog cage.

  Rehabilition Hersenwerk during Rehabilitation

  • It is incredibly important that you know which movements your dog can or cannot do.
  • You will need to know how to provide personalised Hersenwerk exercises that match your dog and its physical restrictions.
  • Ensure that your dog is comfortable. Most dogs will show you what they find comfortable, adjust your Hersenwerk to their preferences.

On the leash: your dog is allowed to move around but only with controlled and relaxed movements.

In the dog cage: your dog should rest as much as possible and is limited in its movement.

The reasons for rehabilitation can vary. In Hersenwerk, we distinguish between acute and chronic ailments.


Acute ailments
Something happened to your dog which has suddenly led to physical restrictions This could be due to an injury but also following an operation. Your dog has been treated by a vet, physiotherapist, osteopath or another practitioner and is still under treatment or is currently undergoing a follow-up.

Chronic ailments
Your dog suffers from a condition, perhaps due to age or improper recovery from an injury, that causes long-term or permanent physical restrictions. Your dog is being treated to reduce its pains and is (semi-)regularly seen to by an expert or yourself if you know what to look out for and treat your dog’s pains.


When can you use Hersenwerk?Rehabilition
Whether you should or should not do Hersenwerk depends on the ailment. Please check with your veterinarian for clearance. 

Acute ailments
When your dog is allowed to move around, but less actively than normal, Hersenwerk can be used very effectively. They might be able to move their body less, but mentally the dog feels fine. Hersenwerk can provide a pleasant way for some extra mental exercise.

Is your dog in pain? Then pain relief and rest are the best remedy. Most dogs don’t need or want anything besides sleep when they are in pain.

Chronic ailments
If your dog is experiencing long-term and chronic ailments, they will have to find a way to adjust to that. In these cases, Hersenwerk can also be used effectively as it allows you to meet your dog’s wants and needs, while remaining mindful of the need for rest.


“Important: Hersenwerk can be helpful, but not always!”


If a dog is in serious pain, do not use Hersenwerk. Focus, first of all, on pain relief. In their enthusiasm, your dog might make a wrong move which could make the pain worse. By incorrectly providing Hersenwerk, you can “force” your dog to use its body in a way that is not good for them. Carrying on for too long with Hersenwerk could over-exhaust your dog, which could be disadvantageous for the recovery process.