Hersenwerk is searching for something tasty or fun in various materials.

The main idea is that the dog searches for a tasty snack or fun toy in a way that is natural for the dog.  They do this by using their nose to locate the treat and their brain in figuring out how to get the treat or toy.

Why should you offer Hersenwerk to your dog?

Almost all dogs were bred with a purpose. They were bred to hunt, to guard, to combat critters, etc. Nowadays, the modern dog is primarily a companion. They would like nothing more than to work together with their owners, but their skills are rarely put to use. Hersenwerk is a great alternative to let your dog use all their skills and work together with their favourite human!


How does your dog search?

Every dog searches in their own personal way. Some dogs only use their noses to sniff and push or shove. There are dogs that use both their nose and their paws to shove materials around. Other dogs use their mouths, lifting materials up by their teeth. Finally, there are multi-taskers, these dogs use their noses, mouths and paws.

What can you use for Hersenwerk?
What materials can you use? Anything, really! This includes household items, rubbish, children’s toys, objects around the house and garden, cloths, towels and newspapers. You could say just about anything can become a puzzle!

Most of all, Hersenwerk is fun, but it does offer your dog much more than that. It can really change your dog, yourself and your collaboration together!
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